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Case Study DMRT Custom Lashing for QE carrier

The custom 20000Ib ultimate load lashing for the DMRT

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Back to All Summary DMRT restraint strap (LPD00242) was designed to restrain an 8-tonne shipping container that houses the Lockheed Martin’s Deployable Mission Rehearsal Trainer (DMRT) on board the new QE Class aircraft carriers. The containers are located on the hanger deck on a specially designed shelf, some 7 metres up. These are […]

Case Study Rotorcraft steering systems

NH90 Steering Arm

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Back to All Summary Our customer was developing customised steering arms to compliment other products in their range and needed a partner to take the designs from development to production status. We were able to propose many DFMA (Design For Manufacture and Assembly) improvements and also offer a quick response supply route […]

Case Study P-CRID DFMA

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Back to All Summary Every night workers maintain and upgrade the London Underground to protect workers the track current is turned off. Only then can trained staff use a handheld device on the track to test that the 630V DC traction current is actually off. To increase safety and efficiency Tube Lines […]

Case Study Custom Water Treatment Control Panels

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Back to All Summary Drallim RSVs and tube couplings were used in the Make Up Water Treatment and Condensate Polishing Plants at a number of nuclear power stations throughout the U.K. dating back to the 1970’s and 1980’s. As part of life extension projects the control consoles they were used had passed […]

Case Study Custom Trollies

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Back to All Summary Drallim offer a custom trolley design service and have considerable experience in adapting to meet customers special needs. Frequently the need is for a trolley with customised facilities to store equipment parts during maintenance operations including bespoke hangers and storage bins. Often the current practice is to store […]

Case Study Watchkeeper Assembly Stands 


Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Back to All Summary The UK MoD had a problem when unsing their newly acquired Watchkeeper Drones in that it was quite difficult to unpack and assemble them from wooden boxes for each time they were used. Drallim were given the opportunity to provide a solution to design a storage system for […]

Case Study Cable Tension Load Monitoring

Cable Tension Load Monitoring

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Back to All Summary The Loadmon Cable Tension Monitoring system was developed directly as a response to one important customer who wanted to enhance their cable installation service. Traditionally you can measure the tension when pulling an electrical cable through underground ducting and you do this by measurement at the winch. Experience […]

Case Study High Voltage Isolation Units

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Back to All Summary We have traditionally supplied specialist high voltage isolation units for use on transmission line pilot cables. These had a fairly large footprint and in a particular application a customer in Hong Kong required a much more compact unit so they could accommodate a larger number of units in […]

Case Study Bespoke Control Panels for Desert Duty

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Back to All Summary We were commissioned to supply some shutdown valve testing equipment when the customer asked if we could make some custom control panels that were explosion proof and also suitable for desert operating conditions. Our design team were able to react quickly and include all the regulatory compliance issues […]

Case Study Anti-condensation system

DACS unit in substation cabinet

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Back to All Summary National Grid approached us with a problem. They had scores of control cabinets in every substation that were fitted with anti-condensation heaters that were  powered “on 247” consuming a vast amount of electricity, whether needed or not. With growing awareness of cost and environmental considerations a much more […]