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Case Study Bespoke Control Panels for Desert Duty

Picture of Jason Beckwith

Jason Beckwith

Technical Sales Manager (Aerospace) Sales



We were commissioned to supply some shutdown valve testing equipment when the customer asked if we could make some custom control panels that were explosion proof and also suitable for desert operating conditions. Our design team were able to react quickly and include all the regulatory compliance issues in  a compact and fully certified solution.  

Electrical Control Panel
Electrical Control Panel


We designed a custom made cabinet to fit the exact space available utilising suitably rated components to meet ATEX and high temperature duty. Additionally we supplied sunshields that were installed to shade the location and reduce the immediate surface temperatures to a manageable level that the equipment could work in. 

"This was a tough project with a short lead-time requirement coupled with strict certification requirements and showed our commitment to fully meeting our Customer's needs."
Divisional Sales Manager


The units supplied conformed to the ATEX regulations and were able to operate continuously at an ambient temperature  of 70Deg C. Stainless steel enclosures were chosen to ensure no corrosion problems because despite the high daytime temperature and desert conditions, night time temperatures can plummet and lead to possible minor condensation and a long term risk of corrosion. 


We continue to offer bespoke electrical cabinets for all sorts of interesting control and test applications for military and industrial customers. We are adaptable and able to service large or small volume production.

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