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Mechanical and Mechatronic Equipment

We offer a wide range of bespoke services covering mechanical and mechatronic equipment including: 

  • Design and Build
    • Development from your concepts 
    • Development from your prototype 
    • Production from “1 off” to 1000’s 
  • Build and assembly solutions
    • Working from customer drawings and specifications 
    • Working to defence standards 
    • Testing and Qualification, CE/CA Marking  
  • Obsolescence Solutions
    • Re-engineering 
    • Sourcing obscure materials and components 
    • Full re-design from scratch 

We can take your requirement from any level in the concept to production chain. Our experienced engineering and assembly teams can assist with design and the assembly and support for all your needs. 

Throw us a challenge today and our team will be happy and enthusiastic to solve your problems.