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Cargo Hooks
For more than 50 years Drallim Aerospace has been recognised the world over for the quality and reliability of its cargo handling products that are designed to withstand the most extreme weather and use.

Drallim Aerospace has promoted the ‘Cargo Aids’ brand for over 50 years holding a niche spot in the aerospace sector serving the military helicopter market with its legacy Semi-Automatic Cargo Release Unit (SACRUs). This long-establish presence in the market has placed engineering excellence, performance and safety first, making the company a global leader in the supply of under slung load equipment.

Our approach has been to develop a new generation of Cargo Hooks for the latest generation of helicopters – the HAWK family of Cargo Hooks being the result. Further navigation through this site will show a full range of Cargo Hooks offering load lift capabilities for light, medium and heavy lift platforms.

All Drallim Aerospace Cargo Hook systems are designed and built to provide a long life and will serve Helicopter operators for many years providing the recommended Service & Overhaul regime is observed.

Our Cargo Hooks