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Case Study Anti-condensation system

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Jason Beckwith

Technical Sales Manager (Aerospace) Sales



National Grid approached us with a problem. They had scores of control cabinets in every substation that were fitted with anti-condensation heaters that were  powered “on 247” consuming a vast amount of electricity, whether needed or not. With growing awareness of cost and environmental considerations a much more energy efficient method was needed for condensation control. After extensive prototyping and trials the DACS system was developed and deployed to substation sites dramatically reducing electricity consumption. 

Typical electrical substation site
Typical electrical substation site


The DACS is a microprocessor based system that uses an innovative dew point control algorithm to ensure that the heaters are powered up only when necessary. This is far superior to the normal temperature controlled units available in the market place and leads to a much more efficient solution. 

The system was developed to an exacting customer specification. 40 prototype units were installed in a pilot substation site prior to full production. This was a splendid example of our capability to take a concept through the full cycle from specification through design and prototyping to trials and full production and install capability. 

Having substation working experience we also tendered for installation works, and did this for the prototype, with the customer doing the main install work themselves using spare capacity. The same principle applies for any project; we are happy to do the parts you don’t want to and work flexibly to make your project work. 

"Despite creating the design from scratch, we still had to undergo extensive trials and a very strict online tendering process."
Dave Mooney
Drallim Managing Director


We received a further order for more units In a 2 phase project. Other units have also been adapted and supplied to a number of smaller users. 


Today energy saving is a growing concern of everyone in industry and we remain ready to come up with other similar custom solutions to customers energy saving needs. Call us today. 

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