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FFC Monitoring / OilMon

21st Century energy demands mean that the electricity transmission and distribution network capacity is pushed hard. Low Pressure Oil Fluid Filled (LPOF) cables have been installed around the world since the 1960’s and many of those still in the ground are well past their typical design life of 30 years! As a consequence of their age and decreasing availability of labour to carry out preventative maintenance, these cables regularly suffer from oil leakage.

Drallim’s OilMon system provides a cost effective remote condition monitoring solution that helps providers make the best use of their assets. Early warning of system leakage through performance analysis enables cost effective maintenance schedules to be developed.

OilMon equipment can be easily retro-fitted to complement or replace existing legacy installations. All asset and ambient measured parameters are combined to construct a true picture of how the cable is coping with strains imposed by customer load and the environment.

System Features

  • Designed for HV environments
  • High measurement accuracy
  • -20 to 55ºC operation range
  • <200 measurement points/RTU
  • Autonomous RTU operation
  • Data logging at RTU and server
  • Direct DNP3 connectivity option
  • Wireless or pilot connected RTU
  • Continuous alarm checking
  • Leak detection algorithm
  • Web database application
  • Scheduled or ‘ad-hoc’ reports

Performance Indicators

  • Reduced cable oil usage
  • Manual gauge reading eliminated
  • Daily pressure data available
  • Advanced leak trend warning
  • Avoidance of major incidents
  • Visibility of cable loading effect
  • Tank pressure optimisation
  • Improved maintenance efficiency
  • Years of historic data records
  • Improved environmental profile