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Case Study DMRT Custom Lashing for QE carrier

Picture of Jason Beckwith

Jason Beckwith

Technical Sales Manager (Aerospace) Sales



DMRT restraint strap (LPD00242) was designed to restrain an 8-tonne shipping container that houses the Lockheed Martin’s Deployable Mission Rehearsal Trainer (DMRT) on board the new QE Class aircraft carriers. The containers are located on the hanger deck on a specially designed shelf, some 7 metres up. These are initially held in place with locking twist bolts that can theoretically fail under certain shock loadings, for example, if the carrier came under attack and were struck this could cause the containers original mountings to shear, causing the DMRT to fall from the shelf; hence the need for a supplement restraint system.

DMRT Container On QE Aircraft Carrier
DMRT Container On QE Aircraft Carrier


The DMRT restraint strap is installed as a set of 7 straps which make up a redundancy system to protect personnel and equipment should the primary restraints holding the DMRT unit in place fail.

The strap is made up of 2 swivelling bracket assemblies mounted to the ship and a fixed length of webbing tensioned with spacers. Each strap is rated at 20,000kg (ultimate), a minimum of 5 of which will be in contact with the load at any time, thus providing a resultant overall system rating of 100,000kg (ultimate).

"We found it very difficult to find a supplier who could meet our requirements and Drallim came along and provided everything we needed, including a full set of military level technical and quality assurance documentation."
Thales Project Manager


Thales ordered 2 sets of restraints, one for each carrier and they have been put into service with no problems at all. The installation and tensioning procedures were easy to use. The units were supplied in a custom storage case due to the heavy weight of each piece so as to minimise any damage in transit and installation.


The units will remain in service for many years and can be refurbished in our factory when the webbing is damaged or reaches its service life limit. Drallim have a long reputation for supporting their products over many decades of use and currently hold long term contracts with the MoD and others for such lifetime support activities including PDS and PDSA arrangements.