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Fast Roping Systems
Fast-roping is the technique of descending quickly from a hovering helicopter onto the ground or a landing platform via the use of a thick rope. It is used mostly for deploying soldiers or paramilitary police in places where the helicopter cannot touch down or land.

Fast Rope Insertion & Extraction Systems also known as (F.R.I.E.S) are designed as a multi-use product for rapid deployment and retrieval. Reducing the risk to helicopters and personnel, FRIES require personnel to be tethered to the rope via twin loops integrated within the weave. Typically, FRIES uses super light-weight and super strong Dyneema® and has been designed to carry up 6 fully equipped personnel.

Drallim supplied Fast Ropes can include RFID chips as an option to provide full electronic traceability. Each chip contains a unique serial number and allows end users to record product usage history by scanning the rope before and after every use.

  • Used for rapid deployment and special operations, our fast rope system greatly accelerates the ability to infiltrate from a helicopter, maximising the surprise element whilst improving safety.
  • When descent is required, ropes can be attached in one fast, effortless operation. Our fast roping system typically features up to five ropes per helicopter.
  • Each rope can be released/loaded individually or simultaneously.
  • Should an emergency occur several rope release options are available:
  • Manual release with a thumb lever
  • Electrical release from a remote point
  • Cable release of ropes via a jettison handle feature, which eliminates the requirement for cutting the ropes thus saving valuable time.

Our Fast Roping Systems

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