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Case Study Custom Water Treatment Control Panels

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Jason Beckwith

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Drallim RSVs and tube couplings were used in the Make Up Water Treatment and Condensate Polishing Plants at a number of nuclear power stations throughout the U.K. dating back to the 1970’s and 1980’s. As part of life extension projects the control consoles they were used had passed their planned service life of 40+ years. Initially Drallim were asked if they could supply just the valves but as discussions progressed the work expanded to a full re-engineering project.

Drallim RSV (Rotary Selector Valve)
Drallim RSV (Rotary Selector Valve)


Work started with site surveys and recommendation reports, together with CAD generated circuit diagrams and cabinet designs. Drallim have now not only supplied the RSVs, but the complete replacement pneumatic control consoles, which they design and build in-house including full customer witnessed FAT testing. On-site installation and commissioning was also carried out by Drallim staff with accreditations to work on Nuclear sites. As time went by some further improvement projects were identified and changes and additions were made to suit the customers developing needs. Everything was centred around the RSV which is a rotary selector valve for use in small bore piping systems at pressures up to 10bar. It is a relatively simple and therefore extremely reliable unit, and is now set to last well beyond the final lifetime of the power station.

"Mark and Cyrus (Drallim Service Department) are doing a brilliant job – honestly they make mine and Anton’s jobs ten times easier by how good they are."
EDF Project Leader


When the project finally closed, we received a further glowing accolade for the way in which the whole project was managed. This is the Drallim ethos showing through with our passion for the highest standards of service.

The project proceeded in a series of stages and installation phases over more than 7 years as the life extension project was implemented across the whole water treatment process. The heart of the project was the RSV’s which are a relatively simple and therefore extremely reliable unit. These valves are now set to last well beyond the final lifetime of the power station.


The same technique as described in this application is employed in automated manufacturing plants where manual override in safety critical situations is required. The RSV is used extensively in hostile environments such as offshore platforms.