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Case Study High Voltage Isolation Units

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Jason Beckwith

Technical Sales Manager (Aerospace) Sales



We have traditionally supplied specialist high voltage isolation units for use on transmission line pilot cables. These had a fairly large footprint and in a particular application a customer in Hong Kong required a much more compact unit so they could accommodate a larger number of units in a limited substation space. This was quite a challenge to achieve but we were able to deliver a safe and fully tested design suitable for use up to 15,000 volts.

Pilot Cable High Voltage Isolation Unit
Pilot Cable High Voltage Isolation Unit


This design is now available for new installations of cable monitoring using pilot pairs and provides a  15000 volt isolation level which ensures that no unsafe induced voltage appears on the substation side of the wiring. The design is also fully compliant with CE and CA marking requirements for safety.

" This was quite a challenge given the delivery timescale required, but we were able to use rapid prototyping for the new enclosure and deliver a fully tested product in time for the customers install program to be met. "
Drallim Head of Electronics


Given the safety spacings required at 15,000 volts, it was difficult to compress the size but by creating  a custom enclosure that was deeper, it was possible to pack the components into a smaller wall footprint.


This product has now been adopted as our standard design for isolation units  allowing future production to be less expensive and for the design to be validated to the latest standards.