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Case Study Custom Trollies

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Jason Beckwith

Technical Sales Manager (Aerospace) Sales



Drallim offer a custom trolley design service and have considerable experience in adapting to meet customers special needs. Frequently the need is for a trolley with customised facilities to store equipment parts during maintenance operations including bespoke hangers and storage bins. Often the current practice is to store parts on benches or even on the floor! Obviously delicate and high value parts need a greater level of damage protection and it is not uncommon to include plastic guides and rubber pads to protect from accidental damage. We will adapt to the customers knowledge and design accordingly.

Strip Down Trolley Rack


As the illustrations show solutions vary from quite simple but essential strip down storage racks to meet exacting aerospace working practices, through custom trolleys for specialist lifting equipment, to custom designed facilities for turbine blades and other complex shaped high value items.

" We have risen to many special challenges in providing custom trollies, not only in the level of detail design but also in the speed of delivery, as customer requirements often arise from a safety related incident - so there is always pressure to deliver a solution as soon a as possible. "
Duncan Knight
Drallim Manufacturing Manager


We will adapt to the customers knowledge and design accordingly.


Our design and build capability is all ready to go from your first call to our sales department through site meetings and detailed specification and drawings to full production. Call us today for a friendly no obligation chat to see if we can help with your project.