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12269 Large Twin-Compressor Dehydrator

The DRALLIM Dehydrator type 12269 is an energy saving integrated unit for supplying low pressure dry air to, for example, telephone cables, waveguides and aerial feeders.

Design emphasis is on reliability and low maintenance given the critical role of this unit within an operator’s system. These products provide a continuous supply for dried air, at pressure, to maintain the operational integrity of cable systems and broadcast transmitter feeds.

This very high-performance unit is home to two 3/4HP compressors.

12269 Large Twin-Compressor Dehydrator Brochure

12269 Large Twin-Compressor Dehydrator


The use of an integral dry air receiver allows the “duty” compressor to run intermittently, leading to longer compressor life and lower energy consumption. The two compressors operate on a “duty” and “standby” principle, their roles being reversed every 24 hours to even out wear. Upon initial pressurisation and when the output from the “duty” compressor cannot match output demand, the “standby” compressor will start up and operate in tandem.

This unit can produce more than 185 cubic feet per hour, this is regulated and split between up to 80 outlets, each with its own flowmeter for a visual indication of each cables demand for air.

Each air outlet is fitted with a non-return valve at the flowmeter panel to prevent air from being drained from the feeder cables in the event of disconnection of the air supply and to stop any “cross-feeding” between outlets.

The height of this unit type, ranges from 1.8M to over 2.2m (dependent on number of outlets and ancillary features).

It’s low noise level of around 60dBA is quiet enough to allow it to be sited in manned areas.

The 12269 is provided with the facility to enable local monitoring of operational status, to alert systems operators of maintenance requirements. Connection to Volt free contacts are available for each of the following important alarm conditions.

Mains Failure, High Humidity, Low Output Pressure, High Output Pressure, Compressor 1 and 2 Duty indicator.

The unit uses a two vessel, non heated, regenerative desiccant molecular sieve, adsorption system. One bed is kept under pressure to aid in the adsorption of moisture while the second is purged by expanding a small percentage of the dry air feed to near atmospheric pressure and passing it over the desiccant in the second bed. The moisture holding capability of the dry purge air is very high so enabling moisture to transfer from the desiccant (with a higher vapour pressure) to that of the purge air which is then exhausted to atmosphere via solenoid valve.

Each Drier bed is controlled by electronic timer to be online for one minute as reactivation and one minute as drying. This is done sequentially with the process reversing once every minute, this enables a continuous air flow to be maintained for output flow.

Uses twin tower molecular sieve, adsorption system.

Additional information

Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 740 × 560 × 2237 mm
Dry air delivery

185 ft³/hr

Output pressure

3 -15 psi

Dry air dewpoint


No. of outlets

up to 80

Operating voltage

110v AC or 230v AC

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