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12440 Compressor

The new CDU 2B has been designed to replace the two largest Compressor Desiccator Units within the BT rate book. Offering the airflow of the larger CDU 2A, but with a simplified design and assembly, the 2B combines the performance that a large cable network demands with the ease of maintenance that technicians will endorse. Sound damped to a level of below 60dbA at 1 metre, and housed within a compact enclosure, the 2B offers unobtrusive efficiency within even the busiest telephone exchange. Integral castors and quick connect pneumatic couplings make installation simple. Designed to be directly interchangeable with either a CDU1A or 2A, the new 2B requires an external air receiver, and pressure-regulating panel.

12440 Datasheet


Routine maintenance will prove to be simple and convenient for anyone with experience of the previous 1A or 2A. Many of the recommended servicing spares even remain the same. For those that have no recent experience, Drallim will be happy to provide training on BT equipment, either at a UK BT site or at our premises in East Sussex. All units are built to our usual standard of workmanship, with pneumatic connections made using our own patented range of fittings, and wiring looms made to the standard that has gained Drallim an unsurpassed reputation for quality the world over.

Uses twin tower molecular sieve, adsorption system.

Additional information

Weight 123 kg
Dimensions 600 × 610 × 1190 mm
Dry air delivery

170 ft³/hr

Dry air dewpoint


No. of outlets


Operating voltage

230v AC

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