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Door Barrier Nets – BOEING 737

Our range of bespoke Door Barrier Nets are designed with OEMs provide good quality and affordable door safety barrier nets for the aircraft they are working on. Door Barrier Nets provide efficient protection reducing risks to ALARP, essential to comply with the “Work at height regulations 2005”.

Open Doors on parked airplanes can be potential safety hazards for airline or maintenance personnel unaware of the opening.

For the Boeing 737 there are two Aircraft Door Barrier Nets, one fits to the Forward Entry Door Part no. 511CA29. The other Part no. 512CA29 fits to the Forward Service Door, Aft Entry Door, and Aft Service Door.

Door Barrier Nets – BOEING 737 Brochure

Door Barrier Nets – BOEING 737 Component Maintenance Manual

Door Barrier Nets – BOEING 737

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See Figure 1 for door identification and location.

These should be fitted to the aircraft whilst maintenance work is being carried-out in the Aircraft Hangers or on the runway.

No tools are required to fit these door nets, so they can be quickly fitted without any delay. (See instruction manual for Installation details)

The purpose of the door net is to provide a visual safety measure, to alert the personnel working inside of the aircraft that care should be taken when working in close proximity to door openings.

The aircraft door barrier net is fitted to 4 off aircraft door brackets located around each aircraft door frame. Shown in Figure 2.

Can be used when the doors are left open to cool the aircraft in high temperatures.

Negates the requirement of the air-conditioning, which is both a cheaper and a greener solution.

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