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Weight Indication System

The incorporation of a load cell or load pin with the selected Cargo Hook enables the mass of any load applied to the Cargo Hook to be indicated in the rotor craft cockpit.

Load Cells commonly used with ‘twin-point’ Cargo Hooks provide an accuracy of +/- 1% across its range, whereas Load pins, used in the case of a ‘single-point’ Cargo Hooks provides an accuracy of +/- 3% across its weighing range.

Weight Indication System


  • Single or dual cell systems
  • Single or dual point hook systems
  • Load cell accuracy of up to 1%
  • Load pin accuracy of up to 3%
  • Conventional Indicator or MFD
  • Compliant to MIL-STD-810C (Load cells)
  • Compliant to RTCA/DO-160F (signal conditioner)
  • Compliant to RTCA/DO-178 Level B (software)

The Aircraft Load Monitoring System consists of a Cargo Hook compatible Load Sensor, Digital Signal Conditioner or (Digital Output to MFD) and Interface Cables.

A Separate Signal Conditioner is Available to accept Inputs from the Load Sensors and Output to a digital Indicator or Glass Cockpit Display.

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