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157CA24 Tie-down Cargo/ Aircraft Lashing 2,000 kg Ultimate

The 157CA24 Tie Down is a multi-task polyester webbing assembly with attachments making it suitable for securing equipment within cargo transport aircraft. It has an ultimate load rating of 4409lb (2000kg). Being originally designed for the RAF, it now has many applications as a general-purpose lashing that has been manufactured and tested to military aviation standards.


157CA24 Tie-down Cargo/ Aircraft Lashing 2,000 kg Ultimate


The main components are; appropriately rated 50mm wide webbing, Fixed non-swivel snap hook fittings (Equipped with sprung keeper) at both free ends to suit 7/8″ (22.5mm) diameter bar, a delta ring and a ratchet tensioning device. The snap hook at the free end can be attached to the delta ring, effectively making a “P” strop arrangement. A protective sleeve is fitted between these two attachment points.

  • Intended for use as a general purpose freight lashing to secure cargo within the hold of transport aircraft.
  • The webbing used is a 50mm wide Polyester (Red).
  • The webbing can be printed with your text requirements in the area shown below.

Additional information

Design Load | LC

2,939lb (1,333Kg)

Ultimate Load | BF Min

4,409lb (2,000Kg)

Webbing width


Webbing material


Webbing Colour

Red (Unless otherwise specified)

NATO stock number


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