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HAWK 1,500kg Cargo Hook

Used by Kawasaki Heavy Industries


The Hawk has been selected by Kawasaki for installation on MCH-101 Merlin.

Releases 2.5 Times Rated Load


Capable of releasing 2.5 times rated load mechanically; this extra margin of safety allows the hook to be released in emergency overload situations.

Available with Load Measurement


Available with load measurement, which enables the pilot to avoid overload situations.


HAWK 1500kg Cargo Hook Brochure

HAWK 1,500kg Cargo Hook

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Hook Specification
Part Number: 165CA42 Force for Mechanical Release 500 – 1500kg: 1.5 – 9.0 kg
Design Load: 1,500 kg Minimum Release Load: 0 kg
Proof Load: 3,750 kg (x2.5) Unit Weight: 1.5 kg
Ultimate Load: 6,750 kg (x4.5) Electrical Requirement: 22-28V DC
Mechanical Release Capacity: 3,750 kg (min) Electrical Connector: PC07A-8-2P
Release: Manual Lever & Electrical MIL Qualified: WHL (EH101)
Load Indication: Load Pin

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 99.7 × 121 × 140 mm
Design Load | LC

3,306lb (1,500Kg)

Proof load

3,750Kg (x2.5)

Ultimate Load | BF Min

6,750 Kg (min)

Mechanical Release Capacity

3,750Kg (min)


Manual Lever & Electrical

Load Indication

Load Pin

Force Required for Mechanical Release at 500 - 1500kg

1.5 – 9.0 Kg

Minimum release load


Electrical requirement

22-28V DC

Electrical Connector


MIL Qualified

WHL (EH101)

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