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MTE HYDROCAL BPD – HV Transformer Bushing Monitoring System

HYDROCAL BPD is a modular online monitoring system for high voltage bushings. It supports the measurement of voltage and phase angle on the test tap to derive tanδ/PF, bushing capacitance.

HYDROCAL BPD can be combined with other HYDROCAL models, preferably HYDROCAL genX, in order to set up a comprehensive monitoring system. As per CIGR… Working Group A2.37 bushings resp. the lead exit represents the 2nd largest group of transformer failure locations (approx. 25%) after the windings (43%) and before the tap changers (23%). Therefore, bushing monitoring can help to reduce those failures.

HYDROCAL BPD combined with online DGA performed by the HYDROCAL product family provides the ideal overall transformer monitoring solution.

The measurement of voltage and phase angle on the test tap of high voltage bushings allows to compare tanδ/PF with factory test results for analysing deterioration of the bushings.



Auxiliary power supply: 85 VACmin … 264 VACmax
90 VDCmin … 300 VDCmax
Operation frequency: 45 Hz … 70 Hz
Power consumption: max. 100 VA
Operation temperature:
-55°C … +50°C
Storage temperature:
-20°C … +55°C
Operation altitude:  85% at Ta  21°C
 95% at Ta  25°C, 30 days / year spread
Housing: Hard plastic
Dimensions (W x H x D): 400 x 260 x 97 mm (instrument only)
555 x 555 x 110 mm (on mounting plate)
Weight: 10 kg
Degree of protection: IP-40
Corrosion protection: C1/2
Cabinet available !


Insulation protection: EN 61010-1:II
Electrical protection class: EN 61140:I

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Additional information

Supply voltage

120 … 370 V DC, 85 … 264 V AC / 47 … 63 Hz or

Power consumption

max. 24 VA


Stainless steel 304

Operation temperature

-40 °C … +65 °C

Storage temperature

-40 °C … +85 °C

AD converter

16 Bit

Sampling rate

10 kHz

Safety - Electrostatic discharge

IEC 801-2

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