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Seat Tube / Floor Fitting

Our Seat Tube and Floor Fittings are lightweight yet extremely robust and simplicity itself to operate. The recessed floor fitting incorporates a swivelling ring for use with cargo tie-down devices or webbing, and a stud on which the seat tube fitting is located. The Seat Tube Fitting is easily assembled onto a seat leg or any tubular device such as an incubator etc. and quickly snaps onto the stud of the floor fitting. Further lashings can be fixed or tied to the swivelling ring if required.



Simple to Operate / Quick to Release

The Seat Tube Fitting quickly snaps on to the stud of the floor fitting which allows land, sea and air transporters to be changed from cargo carrying to passenger carrying in minutes.

Fold Away Cargo Ring

Lashings can be fixed or tied on to the swivelling ring if required. The Cargo Ring folds away into the recess of the floor fitting when not in use.

Maximum Endurance

We coat all surfaces with high technology defence standard finishes for maximum endurance.

Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 3.81 × 3.81 × 5.7 mm

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