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Sussex based company awarded prestigious PCRID contract

Drallim Industries Limited are pleased to announce that London Underground Limited have awarded them the prestigious contract to design, manufacture & service an enhanced version of the Permanent Current Rail Indicating Device. (PCRID)

London Underground

The permanently-fixed traction current status indicators are designed to reduce the risk of staff accessing the track when the traction current is switched on, or when its status cannot be determined.

Drallim manufactured the original Mk1 version of the PCRID from 2007, which has since played its part in affirming the value of this device; however, it is now time for a system renewal.

High voltage and power backup electronic technologies have made great advances in the meantime, offering the opportunity to replace the ageing installed base of PCRID and to expand its adoption further, to the whole Underground network.

Prototype solid works image for MK.2

With over 15 years of maintenance experience to draw upon, Drallim have designed the Mk2 model to be:

  • Rolling stock regenerating power tolerant
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Upgraded ingress protection
  • Safety Level 2 certified
  • On-site battery replacement
  • 90 Hour internal power backup
  • Optimised for fast installation
  • Modular – swap out maintenance

The award of this contract highlights the capability of Drallim as a specialist equipment provider.

Piccadilly Line with P-CRID installed
Piccadilly Line with P-CRID installed

It shows great confidence in the company that they have been selected for a second time to work with Transport for London (TFL) / London Underground. The Drallim team are looking forward to working closely with them again on this project.

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