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National Grid Gas Turn to the Rotary Selector Valve

In 2010 National Grid Gas awarded Drallim the contract for the manufacture of 966 Slam shut Cabinets for their countrywide replacement program.The cabinets in conjunction with Slamshut Valves monitor the gas pressure and rapidly cut the flow of gas when the pressure in the system With ball valves in Slamshut Cabinets failing in the field at low temperatures the RSV passes tests at -40 Degrees Centigrade exceeds the set point and avoids overpressure of pipelines.

RSV for gauge cabinets

The ball valves used within the cabinet which were specified by National Grid Gas have been failing in the field at low temperatures and causing the Slamshut valves to trip and close.Drallim offered an easy retrofit solution utilizing the RSV which has passed temperature tests and is now approved for a replacement program. We are expecting the order for these valves and 200 newcabinets in the next couple of weeks with an expected contract value of over £1.2 million.


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