The Fast Rope Release unit 1500kg is a manually released, compact, lightweight mechanism deployed for fast rope or repelling applications from a rotary winged aircraft offering exceptional load carrying capacity for its size and weight.

Reliable and fail-safe keeperless configuration operated manually by aircrew.

Ultra-safe manually operated quick release pin prevents inadvertent, undesired and unsupervised release.

Single point attachment allowing for a wide range of installations.

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The Hawk has been selected by Kawasaki Heavy Industries for installation on MCH-101 Merlin.

Keeperless design eliminates potential for roll-out.

Hook specification

Part number: 

Design load:

Ultimate design strength load:

Mechanical release capacity:


Force requirement for mechanical relelase at 500-1500kg:

Minimum release load:

Unit weight:

Overall dimensions:

Shock load resistance:


1,500 Kg (3306.9lb)

6,750 Kg (14881.2lb)

3,750 Kg (min)

Manual Lever & Cable

1.5 – 9.0 Kgf (1.26″ x 1.61″) 

0 Kg

1.3 Kg (2.86lb)

133 mm * 140 mm * 117 mm