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QRC with Anti-Vibration Lock

UK Patent No. 2307531

This is a rugged, heavy-duty tensioner for use in all situations. At one end is a double-jaw claw-type connector, operated by a quarter turn of a knurled hand grip, which attaches to a securing ring or other suitable strong point. At the other end of the coupling is a chain, and, after all, the slack has been taken up, it is secured by means of a half-turn of the lock. Turning the built-in handwheel on the body of the coupling produces the required tension in the lashing. Quick release is affected by a quarter turn of the handgrip. The adjustment includes a vibration proof anti-back-off lock, applied automatically, disengaged by twisting the release sleeve.

Compatable with – CSK843 (Lashing and Chain Assembly) (Not included)

QRC with Anti Vibration – Datasheet

QRC with Anti-Vibration Lock


Cargo Aids Designation: Coupling Adjustable with Anti-Vibration lock
Part Number: 100CA27
Ultimate Capacity: 6,350 kg (14,000lb)
Weight: 2.18kg (4.81lb)


Part number Description Design Load | LC NATO Stock Number/Patents
CA14 Quick release Coupling (QRC) 8,000 lb (3,630 kg) NSN: 3940-99-7660785
C10 Quick release Coupling (QRC) 10,000 lb (4,536 kg) NSN: 1670-99-1302398
C5 Quick release Coupling (QRC) 5,000 lb (2,268 kg) NSN: 1670-99-1028971

Additional information

Weight 2.18 kg
Dimensions 41.76 mm

Coupling Adjustable with Anti-Vibration lock

Design Load | LC

8,000lb (3,628Kg)

Proof load

10,000lb (4,536Kg)

Ultimate Load | BF Min

14,000lb (6,350Kg)

UK Patent


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