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Tube Couplings

This range of brass and Stainless-steel tube couplings is offered with the Drallim resilient captive seal or a brass metal compression olive. (Couplings are supplied complete with nuts and sealing rings.)



Each of the coupling type is given a coding number according to the following chart, and this basic type coding’s are suffixed with numbers to designate the tube diameter and then the stud thread sizes where applicable.

All dimensions shown within this catalogue are approximate. Also, in the interests of technical progress, the company reserves the right to make design and manufacturing changes.

Important: When ordering, coding’s should be prefixed either “L” for captive seals, or “M” for metal compression as shown in the following examples. Stainless steel couplings should be suffixed /SS

Examples:Ø12mm x 3/8” B.S.P. Stud parallel male coupling with captive seal nut: L60/012/3 1/4” O/D x 1/4” B.S.P.T. Stainless steel, Stud taper Male with metal compression nut: M70/B/11/SS

Material Specification: Captive Seal material used for the Brass range: – Nitrile Captive Seal used for the Stainless-Steel range: – Viton

Assembly: Couplings should be tightened finger tight, plus between half and one full turn.

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