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CAT64A Circuit Breaker Analyser and Timer by DV Power

The CAT64A Circuit Breaker Analyser and Timer relies on advanced power electronics to complete safe and quick MV and HV circuit breaker condition assessment. The sophisticated design ensures efficient and reliable operation in high voltage substations and industrial environments.

This is a standalone or PC controlled unit designed for timing and resistance measurements of two breaks per phase MV and HV switchgear. The six timing channels record the closing and opening of the main and resistor contacts instantaneously when a voltage is sensed over the breaker coil. This easy-to-use unit allows selection of different operational modes: Open (O), Close (C), Open-Close (O-C), Close-Open (C-O), and Open-Close-Open (O-C-O). six auxiliary input are available for monitoring auxiliary contacts and can be utilised to facilitate an external trigger. To check for mechanical issues the CAT64A is ‘first trip’ test capable.

CAT II Series Brochure

CAT64A Circuit Breaker Analyser and Timer by DV Power


The main contact channels can also measure the resistance value of pre-insertion resistors if they are present within the circuit breaker. Test results can be printed on the 80 mm optional thermal printer in tabulated and graphical form. In-depth CB analysis is possible using DV-Win analytical software which comes as standard with all DV Power instrumentation.

  • Timing and motion measurement
  • 6 timing channels (3×2) for main and resistive contacts
  • 6 timing channels for auxiliary inputs
  • 6 coil control channels
  • 3 transducer input channels
  • 6 additional analog input channels
  • Detailed analysis of test results using DV-Win software

Included accessories

  • DV-Win software
  • USB cable
  • Mains power cable
  • Ground (PE) cable

Recommended accessories

  • Main Contact Cables 5 m with SCT clamps
  • Main Contact Extension Cables
    10 m
  • Coil control cable set 5 m  with banana plugs
  • Coil supply cable set 2 x 5 m
    2,5 mm2 (13 AWG) with    banana plugs
  • Auxiliary contacts cable set
    12 x 5 m with banana    plugs
  • Analog channels cable set
    12 x 5 m 2,5 mm2 with banana plugs
  • Cable plastic case – large size
  • Transport case



DV-Win allows graphical presentation of measurements and timing test results using cursors and powerful zoom functions for detailed analysis. Colours, grids, scales and positioning of the test data are all controlled by the user. DV-Win supports an automatic unit conversion (e.g. cycles to seconds or mm to inches). The test records can be exported into all mainstream file formats.

Additional information

Weight 12.9 kg
Dimensions 480 × 197 × 395 mm
Resistance measurement

Not available

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