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Floor Pan Fitting

High Quality Specifications

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, the floor pan fittings meet or exceed the specifications set forth in SAE AS8905 (MIL-F-8905B) and MIL-A-21165A.

Ease of Operation

Where fitted, lashings can be fixed or tied on to the swivelling ring if required; The Cargo ring folds away into the recess of the floor fitting when not in use for additional safety.

Strength Tested

Sampling of manufactured batches is done in accordance with MIL-STD-105E (similar to BS6001 and ISO 2859) to guarantee safe, quantifiable and consistent performance.



This new range of floor pan fittings, designed in accordance with SAE AS8905 (MIL-F-8905B) and MIL-A-21165A, are light-weight yet extremely strong whilst remaining simple to fit and operate.

Interiors can be changed from cargo-carrying to passenger-carrying duties in a matter of minutes and are simple to fit and operate.

The units incorporate a seat-stud onto which a standard jaw fitting (MS22034-4) can be secured and a swivelling ring for use with cargo tie-down devices or webbing-based lashings.

The fittings are manufactured in the UK in our Aerospace approved manufacturing plant using the latest state of the art techniques.


Ring And Stud Fitting

Part NO. AS21234
Ring Stud
Vertical pull 54° Pull Vertical pull Horizontal Pull
Proof Load (lbf)



5000 5000 5475 2300
2224 2224 2435 1023
Ultimate design load (lbf)



7500 7500
3336 3336
Unit weight: 0.475kg/1.0lbs

Additional information

Weight 0.475 kg
Strength Tested


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