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Door Barrier Nets
Our range of bespoke door barrier nets are designed with OEMs, provide good quality and affordable door barrier nets for the aircraft they are working on.

Access panels, hatches and open doors on parked aeroplanes can all be potential safety hazards for airline personnel unaware of the opening. In the past, flight  attendants and servicing staff have suffered injuries and even death because of falls through these openings. Investigations have indicated that incidents of this nature are preventable by the proper and consistent use of barriers and by following strict airline policies and procedures.

When servicing aeroplanes between flights, passenger entry doors are left open to allow access by caterers and servicing personnel, or simply to cool the interior of the plane. When the stairs or catering vehicle moves away the opening becomes a danger.

Our door barriers are designed to provide a visual indication of an open door, whilst potentially acting as a barrier to help prevent people from falling from height. Our barriers are not however sold as a fall arrest device.

They are the first step in providing suitable and sufficient measures to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, any person falling. Reducing this risk is essential in order to comply with the “Work at height regulations 2005”.


If your aircraft type is not listed below, a similar design can be adapted to suit. Contact us with your needs and to discuss an aircraft survey.

Our Door Barrier Nets