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Door Barrier Nets – British Airways B747-400

Access panels, hatches and open doors on parked airplanes can all be potential safety hazards for airline personnel unaware of the opening. In the past flight attendants and servicing staff have suffered injuries because of falls through these openings. Investigations have indicated that incidents of this nature are preventable by the proper and consistent use of barriers and by following strict airline policies and procedures.

Door Barrier Nets – British Airways Brochure

Door Barrier Nets – British Airways B747-400


During the servicing of airplanes between flights, passenger entry doors are often left open to allow access by caterers and servicing personnel, or sometimes in hot weather to allow the interior of the plane to keep cool. The danger occurs when the stairs or catering vehicle move away from the opening while the door is still open. In this situation, there is nothing to stop someone on-board the airplane from falling to the ground through the open door.

This example of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) was a requirement bought to us by British Airways to keep their staff safe, and the example shown is the product we have made for them.

Our dedicated sales and engineering staff went to BA and assessed the requirements; and working along-side the BA design team we came up with this safety net. This net is designed for a specific range of aircraft, but a similar design can be adapted to fit any aircraft platform. If you have a current requirement we can assist with, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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