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Case Study Gas Bottle

Jason Beckwith

Jason Beckwith

Technical Sales Manager (Aerospace) Sales



Traditionally gas bottles are retained in racks using a simple chain, but in many cases today situations arise where this is no longer a safe way to operate. Multiple bottles may be held in overcrowded racks and bottles of differing sizes may be piled on shelves and not properly restrained so risking a collapse.


Drallim have worked with gas bottle users to develop a new style of gas bottle restraint using a safety net, designed to be robust and easy to adapt to variable racking situations. The nets can also be customised with the end users “safety message”. Available in yellow as standard with fixing kit.

" A perfect solution to replace chains that could fit all of our various bottle cages, it is a much more robust way to restrain gas bottles."
Health and Safety Manager


The new webbing based nets provide a much more secure way to restrain gas bottles without the slippage associated with chains. The broad contact area makes for a solid and silent operation and fitting is simple and easy to do. Over centre buckle tightening avoids tedious ratchet mechanisms making this a positive safety enhancement.


A standard gas bottle cage net is now available and variants can be produced including colours and the addition of customer branding or safety messages. Drallim are also able to offer customised solutions for end users particular situations.