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Case Study Aircraft Door Safety Barrier Nets

Jason Beckwith

Jason Beckwith

Technical Sales Manager (Aerospace) Sales



This product was born from an initial customer enquiry -could we supply Aircraft Door Safety Barrier Nets?

Some solutions were available from certain aircraft manufacturers but often the price was very high and the delivery lead-time extremely long.

Add to that a need to improve the functionality of the fixings and a problem was defined. We made our first net and after that enquiries kept coming and we are still expanding the range to meet new aircraft types.


Working with that first customer we surveyed their aircraft taking precise measurements of every door that needed a net.

We then formulated a design proposal made a prototype and did field trials with the operator.

After a few adjustments here and there with customer input a final solution was decided on and an order placed. Our modern manufacturing plant was then able to quickly move into production.

The nets went into daily service protecting workers from risk of falls.

" I was delighted to see the new nets developed so quickly and delivered into service with the airline to raise their safety profile. "
Phil Wilson​
Sales Manager


We had a happy customer with a solution to a growing problem and a new product line to develop for opportunities in the futures. A winning result for both parties. Already the range has been expanded and more new variants are being developed.


Awareness of the dangers of open aircraft doors during maintenance and service operations is rising. We can help solve your specific problem.