VLF & DC Output • Sheath Testing • Cable Burning

The VLF-34E is a new generation VLF AC Hipot that uses a solid-state design with microprocessor controls. It meets the requirements of applicable world standards regarding cable testing up to 25kV class Maintenance testing. It is light, compact, rugged, and very portable. Its sine wave output is suitable for using optional external Partial Discharge and Tan Delta detection equipment. Using a TD and PD option, the VLF-34E is all that is needed for nearly all cable testing up to 25kV class.

Input: 90Vac – 265Vac, 50/60Hz, 5A max.
Output: 0-34kVac peak,
0.1Hz to 0.01Hz sinusoidal
± 34kVdc
Square wave: 34kV Sheath Tester
Duty: Continuous
Load Rating: 0.5μF @ 0.1Hz, 1.0μF @ 0.05Hz, 5.0μF @ 0.01Hz
Voltage measurement: 0.1 – 34kV peak/0.1 – 25kV rms 1% FS & 0.1 kV peak accuracy
Current measurement: 0 ‐ 15mA rms 1% FS & 1 μA accuracy
Capacitance measurement: Res: 0.001μF, load 50µA-0.5mA 10% or 0.01µF acc., >0.5mA 5% or 0.01µF acc.
Resistance measurement: Res: 0.1MΩ, load 50µA-0.5mA 10% or 5MΩ acc., >0.5mA 5% or 1MΩ acc.
Calculated: Capacitance, resistance, flashover voltage, time to failure
Reports: Test records stored in non-volatile memory or via USB memory stick
Optional: Tan Delta and Partial Discharge diagnostic equipment available
Main Controls: Fully programmable digital controls and timers for automatic testing
Fault: Smart fault management or shutdown on fault
PC interface: USB, XBee® wireless, RS-232/422
PC software: Remote control & test reports
Cable Length
Output cable: 6m shielded RG8/U
Ground cable: 2 off 6m
Accessories: Test leads, ground hook, line cord etc.
Size & Weight
Overall: 500mm w x 305mm d x 458mm h, 21kg.
Case: Hard “Pelican” type case with extendable handle and wheels