The VLF-65E HV test set is the latest addition to the generation of microprocessor controlled dry-type, air cooled, solid-state VLF AC Hipots from HV Inc. Its test programming, numerous output functions, wireless communications, PC application software and data retrieval are intuitive and easy to learn. Like all HV Inc products it is portable, affordable, and built for the rigors of field use. An output voltage of 0-65kVac allows Acceptance testing on cable rated up to 35kV. The sine wave output is suitable for Tan Delta and Partial Discharge measurement systems, such as the optional HV Inc TD-65E. The VLF-65E is another HV Inc product that meets world standards in HV testing.

VLF-65E 65 kV VLF Tester

  • VLF and DC output
  • Sheath testing
  • Cable fault burning
  • No PC required for VLF withstand and TD testing
  • VLF and TD communicate wirelessly — program TD test from VLF
  • Test data records to internal VLF memory and USB stick
  • Remote control of VLF and TD with E-Link PC application and XBee wireless
    • Higher connection sustainability — more dependable
    • No short distance limitations — test from further away
    • Stay warm and dry in your truck while testing
    • Works in more signal-sensitive locations
  • Advanced data capture and reporting capabilities
    • Continuous rolling average of TD results and standard deviation
    • 6 test results display at once for comparative analysis
    • Use built-in templates or create your own
    • Multiple fields for writing test descriptions
    • 12 VLF & TD reporting routines
Input: 100Vac – 265Vac, 50Hz/60Hz, 20A max
Output: 0-65kVac peak, 26mA, 0.1Hz to 0.01Hz in steps of 0.01Hz sinusoidal
± 65kVdc, 45mA
Square wave: 65kV Sheath Tester, 45mA
Duty: Continuous
Load Rating: 1.0μF @ 0.10Hz, 2.0μF @ 0.05Hz, 5.0μF @ 0.02Hz, 10.0μF @ 0.01Hz
Voltage measurement: Voltage kV peak or rms, ±1% FS accuracy
Current measurement: Current mA peak or rms, ±1% accuracy
Capacitance measurement: Res: 0.001μF, load 50µA-0.5mA 10% or 0.01µF acc., >0.5mA 5% or 0.01µF acc.
Resistance measurement: Res: 0.1MΩ, load 50µA-0.5mA 10% or 5MΩ acc., >0.5mA 5% or 1MΩ acc.
Calculated: Capacitance, resistance, flashover voltage, time to failure
Reports: Test Records stored in non-volatile memory or via USB memory stick
Optional: Tan Delta and Partial Discharge diagnostic equipment available
PC Interface: USB and XBee wireless
PC Software: Remote Control & Test Data Reporting
Fault: Up to 50 test records can be stored in non-volatile memory or removable USB memory stick
Cable Lengths
Output cable: 6m flexible x-ray
Ground cable: 2 off 6m
Accessories: Test leads, ground hook, line cord etc.
Size & Weight & Physical Attributes
Overall: 559mm w x 369mm d x 660mm h, 68kg