“69 kV Cable Withstand & 115kV Cable Diagnostics”

The VLF-12011CMF provides a 200kVac peak output voltage, suitable for performing VLF Hipot tests on 138kV cable and as a voltage source for Tan Delta and Partial Discharge testing on 230kV cable. The controls offer all the features of our other VLF models along with VLF Cable Burning. Trailer mount optional.

Input: 230V, 50/60Hz, 30A peak, 25A average
Output: 0-120kVac peak, 0.1/0.05/0.02/0.01Hz sinusoidal
Duty: Continuous
Load Rating: 0.55μF @ 0.1Hz, 1.1μF @ 0.05Hz, 2.75μF @ 0.02Hz, 5.5μF @ 0.01Hz
Voltmeter: 3.5″, 0 – 120kVac peak, 2% FS accuracy
Charging Currentmeter: 3.5″, 0 – 100mAac peak 5% FS accuracy
Load capacitance: 0 – 6μF
Test duration timer: User programmable
Cable Lengths:
Output cable: 30m Shielded EPR on reel
Ground cable: 30m on reel
Sizes & Weight:
Controls: 432mm w x 280mm d x 241mm h, 9kg
HV Tank: 660mm w x 508mm d x 559mm h, 177kg
Regulator: 508mm w x 356mm d x 686mm h, 73kg
Overall: 762mm w x 1524mm d x 1295mm h, 388kg