The RMO-TD Series of Tap Changer Analysers and Timers are designed for winding resistance measurements of inductive objects and tap changer analysis. This series can perform a simple, quick and reliable transformer on-load tap changer condition assessment. It enables measurements of winding resistance in every tap position, current ripple values (percentage of a current drop during a tap change) and transition times during the tap changes. Problems with any connections, contacts, or selector/diverter switch operation (tap change with interruption) can be detected with these measurements.

Key features of the RMO60TD are:

  • On-load tap changer dynamic resistance measurement
  • Three resistance measurement channels
  • One temperature measurement channel
  • Automatic resistance measurement
  • Test current of 5 mA to 60 A DC
  • Heat Run test
  • Rapid automatic demagnetization
  • Tap changer motor current monitoring channel
  • Automatic discharge circuit
  • Built-in tap changer control unit
  • Lightweight at 14 kg
Included accessories

  • DV-Win PC software including USB cable
  • Built-in Tap Changer Control Unit
  • Tap Changer Control cable 5 m
  • Mains Power cable
  • Ground (PE) cable
Recommended accessories

  • Current cables 2 x 10 m 10 mm2(7 AWG) and Sense cables 2 x 10 m with TTA clamps
  • Sense cables 2 x 10 m with TTA clamps
  • Current connection cable 1 x 5 m 10 mm2 (7 AWG) with TTA clamps
  • Cable bag
  • Current clamp 30/300 A supplied from the instrument with extension 5 m
  • Transport case

DV-Win software is included in the purchase price, and all updates are free of charge. The intuitive software enables remote control of the RMO-T unit during test. DV-Win facilitates in-depth analysis of test results which can be displayed numerically and graphically on a PC or within an automatically generated report. It is possible to export all test data into all mainstream file types.