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MTE HYDROCAL 1005-3/-2/-1 Online Individual Dissolved Gas Analysis – 4 Gases & Moisture

The HYDROCAL 1005-3/-2/-1 is designed for multi-gas-in-oil analysis on a bank of three adjacent single phase transformers. This wall-mounted system allows for the individual measurement of Moisture (H2O) and the key gases Hydrogen (H2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Acetylene (C2H2) and Ethylene (C2H4) dissolved in transformer oil utilising a sampling system that samples oil from each tank via three separate oil channels.


MTE HYDROCAL 1005-3/-2/-1 Online Individual Dissolved Gas Analysis – 4 Gases & Moisture


As Hydrogen (H2) is involved in nearly every fault of the isolation system of power transformers and Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a sign of an involvement of the cellulosic / paper isolation the presence and increase of Acetylene (C2H2) and Ethylene (C2H4) further classifies the nature of a fault as overheating, partial discharge or high energy arcing.

The device can serve as a compact transformer monitoring system by the integration / connection of other sensors present on a transformer via its analogue inputs:

  • 4 analogue inputs 0/4-20 mADC
  • 6 analogue inputs 0/4-20 mADC +20% / 0-80 VAC +20%

configurable by jumpers It is further equipped with digital outputs for the transmission of alerts or the execution of control functions (e. g. control of the cooling system of a transformer):

  • 5 digital relay outputs
  • 5 digital optocoupler outputs

For more information please refer to the HYDROCAL 1005-3/-2/-1 data sheet. If you have any further questions or would like a quotation please contact our sales team.

Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 300 × 600 × 800 mm
Optional nominal voltages of auxiliary supply

110 V (120 V) -20% +15% AC 50/60 Hz, 110 V (120 V) -20% +15% DC, 220 V (240 V) -20% +15% AC 50/60 Hz, 220 V (240 V) -20% +15% DC, Other nominal voltages on request!

Power consumption

max. 350 VA



Operation temperature (ambient)

-55°C … +55°C

Oil temperature (inside Transformer)

-20°C … +90°C

Oil pressure

Up to 800 kpa (no negative pressure allowed)


Wall mounted enclosure


Designed to monitor up to three-phase transformer with separate tanks per phase

Sampling sequence

User configurable

Safety - Isolation protection

IEC 61010-1:2002 CE certified

Safety - Degree of protection

IP-55 CE certified

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