Used by Agusta Westland

The SACRU 2 has been selected by Agusta Westland for installation on Lynx, Super Lynx and Gazelle.

Auto Touch Down

This hook is available with Auto Touch Down feature – when the pilot arms the switch, loads can be released from the cargo hook on touch down – automatically.

Load On Indication

The SACRU 2 informs the pilot of the status of the load at all times with load on and load off indication.

Load Measurement

We offer a range of Load Measuring solutions to suit our range of twin and single point suspension Cargo Hooks.

Hook Specification Part No. Helicopter
Proof Load: 9,900lb (4,500 Kg) CA3000 Agusta Westland Lynx/Super Lynx
Unit Weight: 9.0 lb (4.1 Kg) CA3000 Agusta Westland Eurocopter Gazelle
Ultimate Load: 13,200 lb (5,987 Kg) CA3000-33 Eurocopter Dauphin
Man. Pull Off at Rated Load 9.1 Kg) 73CA42 HAL Advanced Light Helicopter
Minimum Release Load: 10 lb (4.54 Kg)
Electrical Requirement: 20-28vDC / 10 Amps
Electrical Connector: Customer Specification