used by Agusta-Westland for EH101 Merlin

The SACRU 1 mk 2 has been selected by Agusta-Westland for installation on EH101 Navy Merlin

Releases 2.5 Times Rated Load

Capable of releasing 2.5 times rated load both mechanically and electrically, the SACRU 1 has an extra margin of safety, allowing the hook to be released in emergency overload situations.

Now available with load measurement

The SACRU 1 is now available with Load Measurement which enables the pilot to avoid overload situations.

Hook Specification
Design load: 6,000lb (2,722 kg)
Mech. Release Capacity: 17,940 lb (8,137 Kg)
Unit weight: 13lb (5.9 kg)
Man. Pull Off at Rated Load: 25 lb Max (1.38” travel)
Proof load: 18,000lb (8,80 kg)
Minimum Release Load: 7 lb (3.18Kg)
Ultimate Load: 27,000 lb (12,247 Kg)
Electrical Requirement: 20-28vDC (10 Amps)
Electrical Release Capacity: 15,000 lb (6,804 Kg)
Electrical Connector: MS3102E-14S-2P
Part NO. Helicopter
SP7109-3B Sikorsky S-61
SP7109-3B Agusta Westland Wessex
SP7109-3B Agusta Westland Sea King
SP7109-3B/2 Agusta Westland EH101 Navy Merlin
SP7109-3B Eurocopter/Westland Puma