Power Diagnostix Systems GmbH provides quality instruments and engineering services for high-voltage diagnostic applications. Power Diagnostix has built a solid reputation since market introduction of their partial discharge detectors in early 1993. Their lCMseries of digital partial discharge detectors is used for evaluation of electrical insulation by electric utilities, manufacturers and research institutes worldwide.

In addition to digital partial discharge detectors, Power Diagnostix produces instruments for commissioning tests of GIS systems, automated control of high-voltage tests, fibre optic connections for analogue signal transmission between instruments and sensors, and for other high voltage applications. All their instruments and specialized software products are developed in Aachen, Germany.

Drallim Industries are UK & Ireland representatives of Power Diagnostix Systems. As a carefully chosen distributor company we can use our expert industry knowledge and the skills of first-class hardware and software engineers to find solutions for our customers.

PD Measurement Devices

This group of instruments offer partial discharge measurement functions of different performance level. Devices for test and research laboratories as well as systems for on-site PD analysis are available. Standalone units, computer controlled systems or wireless operating acquisition sets are shown in this area.

PD Monitoring Systems

Partial discharge monitoring systems can be used for permanent surveillance of insulation systems on GIS, transformers, rotating machines, motors, cables, or other high voltage equipment. These instruments are designed for long term data recording, alarm handling, event recognition, and system integration.

Tan Delta Measurement Devices

Loss factor (dissipation factor) tan δ analysis.

RIV Measurement Devices

Radio Influence Voltage Measurement.

Acoustic PD Location

Detection of acoustic partial discharge.

Test & Automation

Partial discharge testing – well established for high voltage equipment – becomes increasingly important for insulation systems of a lower voltage level. Changing to switching power supply and to IGBT control of induction motors, for instance, raise demands and testing needs for the insulation system. The modular concepts of Power Diagnostix’ instruments allow customized solutions for automated and semi-automated testing.

PD Accessories

The versatility of the Power Diagnostix line of PD detection equipment is due in large part to the range of accessories available for the ICMseries instruments. Each ICMseries data acquisition unit can be combined with different accessories to suit specific applications.

Fibre Optic Transmission Systems

Conveniently providing robust fibre optic transmission of analogue signals in high-voltage environments, the FOsystem solves signal integrity problems and safety issues found with severe electromagnetic conditions and long distances. Each FOsystem is a complete set of Instruments for fibre optic transmission of analogue signals from sensors such as temperature, pressure, acoustic, voltage and current. The signal bandwidth covers DC up to 10 MHz.


Power Diagnostix calibrators enjoy all the advantages of 20 years’ experience in calibration services. The broad range of easy-to-use and robust units for many different applications ensures reliable PD measurements compliant to international standards, such as IEC 60270 and CISPR 18-2. A variety of calibrators ranging from 1 pC to 50 nC are available.

Due to their high bandwidth, these calibrators are suitable for impulse reflectometry on cable systems and for GIS testing. All come complete with relevant calibration certificates ensuring traceability to international standards.

Special Software

Specialised control and analysis software for personal computers and laptops with windows operating systems.