NiBS Battery Conference 2019

Drallim to exhibit at NiBS Battery Conference 2019

Drallim are to exhibit DV Power’s range of battery test equipment at the NiBS Battery Conference – the only dedicated Battery Conference in the U.K. We will have DV Power’s latest battery test equipment on the stand as listed below. Do come and see us!


6th – 7th November 2019

Lion Quays Hotel, Oswestry, Shropshire

DV Power’s battery resistance and voltage recorders are designed for field use so are lightweight and easy to use. These can be used as stand-alone instruments for monthly battery testing or as a useful tool when completing battery capacity testing. The addition of the DV Power BVS Battery Voltage Supervisor completes a state-of-the-art battery analysis system.

BLU – Battery Load Units

  • Lightweight –from 12.8 kg
  • Powerful – discharge power up to 28.4 kW
  • Discharge current – up to 340 A DC
  • Voltage measurement range – 5.25 – 500 V DC
  • Operation modes – Constant V, I or R and user defined load profiles
  • Enables testing while batteries in service
  • Test settings can be altered during test
  • Automatic test resume feature in case of interrupted power supply
  • Manufactured in accordance with IEEE 450-2010 / 1188-2005 / 1106-2015, IEC 60896-11/22 and other relevant standards

BVS – Battery Voltage Supervisor

  • Automated string and cell voltage, inter-cell connection voltage, string current and ambient temperature measurements during capacity testing
  • Detection and notification of failing cells
  • Battery internal resistance measurement according to IEC 60896
  • Reliable and easy to operate
  • Intuitive software for detailed analysis

IBAR – Battery Resistance Tester

  • Handheld and lightweight device – 0.5 kg
  • Battery resistance measurement range: 0 – 5 Ω
  • Voltage measurement range: ± 60 V
  • Quickly records and stores internal resistance, float voltage, and inter-cell connection resistance
  • Auto range mode for automatic detection of resistance range
  • Support tool during capacity test for cell voltage measurement
  • Detailed test results analysis using DV-B Win software

BVR – Battery Voltage Recorders

  • Handheld and lightweight device – from 0.5 kg
  • Max voltage measurement range ± 600 V
  • Simultaneous string voltage and discharge current measurements during discharge testing
  • Cell and ambient temperature measurements
  • Automatically measures, timestamps and stores cell/string (float) voltages
  • Easy transfer of measured data to DV-B Win software for further analysis

Founded in 1958, Drallim Industries Limited serves the Aerospace, Industrial and Utilities markets via its three divisions. Drallim’s Utilities Division supplies a comprehensive range of monitoring and test solutions including their own custom-built products and those from a selection of world-class third-party representations.

Drallim’s third-party representations include DV Power, enabling the supply DV Power’s range of Battery Test Equipment. Their Universal Battery Capacity Testers (BLU) are modern, compact, user friendly and are the lightest discharge testers on the market. They can accommodate voltage ranges of 5.25 – 800 V DC and discharge currents up to 340 A. Also available are Battery Extra Load units (BXL), Internal Resistance/Conductance Testers (IBAR-R & IBAR-C), Battery Voltage Recorders (BVR) and Battery Voltage Supervisors (BVS) for string testing. Battery Chargers are also available (BAC). DV Power’s products are sold all over the world in more than 90 countries and they provide a 3-year warranty on all their products.

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