Introduced to meet the ever-increasing demand for precise pressure measurements, the Drallim digital manometer is designed to fulfil this need. The manometer’s prime function is to take accurate pressure readings of air filled telephone cables but can also be used on other applications using non-corrosive gases. Based on a piezo-resistive sensor complete with its own laser trimmed temperature compensation, this manometer brings the user new excellence in pressure monitoring.

With only two controls on the front escutcheon, the operation of the manometer is simple, quick and requires no setting time. The manometer readout is available in mbars, psi and kPa and can be supplied in a series of operating ranges. Designed with outdoor application in mind this versatile instrument is in a tough custom-made ABS Housing. The manometer comes complete with a neck strap and pouch that houses a quick connect chuck and 1½ meters of PVC connecting tube.