Thermal condition monitoring is one of the most important ways to detect transformer problems and to avoid transformer outages. That`s why MTE has addressed this issue and presents a selection of the most important indicators which are required for thermal condition monitoring.

The HYDROCAL MS-7, which is an extension package of the MTE HYDROCAL product line is providing all these important information.

This innovative solution, which has been developed in cooperation with MR (Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen), measures 3 oil temperatures (top oil, bottom oil & tap changer oil), ambient temperature, load current, load voltage and the tap changer position. These measurements are centralised and passed over to its analogue outputs:

  • 7 analogue outputs 4 … 20 mA

The analogue outputs of HYDROCAL MS-7 are directly connectable to the analog inputs of HYDROCAL 1003, 1005 or 1008 units and in conjunction with these units, it offers a complete transformer monitoring system in one package.