3 methods of load release

The hawk 8000lb has twin solenoids for primary quick release and secondary back-up release, plus ground activated mechanical release.

Commercially produced/ Military qualified

FAR 29.865 complaint and fully certified to MIL-STD-810D and relevant sections of RTCA DO-160 the HAWK 8000lb Cargo hook is fully suited to operate on any platform and in the harshest conditions

Optional load measurement

Available with load measurement, which enables the pilot to operate within safe lifting parameters.

Hook Specification
Part number 205CA42 Dimensions (load beam open) 285.8(L) x 226.8(H) x 161 (W)
Design load 8,000lb (3,628Kg) Minimum release load 0Kg
Proof load 20,000lb (9,071Kg) Unit weight 9.5kg
Ultimate load 30,000lb (13,608Kg) Electrical requirement 22-28V DC
Mechanical release force 24Kg (min) Release: Manual Lever & Twin Electrical
MIL Qualified: MIL-STD-810D & RTCA DO-160 FAR 29.865: HEC and Non HEC
Load measuring/Indication
HUMS (in-development)