Load status indication

The HAWK 10,00lb Dual release hook incorporates sensors that enables the pilot to monitor load operating conditions -load beam open; load beam closed; load beam locked & load beam unlocked

Releases 4.3 times rated load

Capable of releasing 4.3 times rated load mechanically; this extra margin of safety allows the hook to be released in emergency situations

Optional load measurement

Available with load measurement, which enables the pilot to operate within safe lifting parameters.

Performance Characteristics Are As Follows
Part number 192CA42 Dimensions (load beam open) 224.1 (L) x 255.5 (H) x 137.8 (W)
Design load 10,000lb Minimum release load 0Kg
Proof load 28,750lb Unit weight 8.4 Kg
Design Ultimate strength 43,000 lb (min) Electrical Requirement 22-28V DC 10AMPS
mechanical release force 14 lb (min) Electrical Requirement MS3470L14-9P