Drallim Industries Limited COVID-19 Update

Drallim Industries Limited COVID-19 Update

07 April 2020

Dear Customers and friends of Drallim

I wish you all well in these terribly challenging times of the COVID-19 virus and I just want to tell you our situation.

Our first concern has been the safety of our employees and so our office staff are now all home based and aiming to provide business as usual as far as possible. We are focused on supporting our primary “critical” customers and others lower in the “critical” supply chain who have needs for aerospace and broadcasting equipment as well as components.

After a short closure to re-organise, Drallim are back in production following government guidance and applying common sense to social distancing principles across the workplace. We even rapidly built a new staff toilet facility!

My thanks go out to all our staff for their constructive help in adapting to this new reality of every day working.

Keeping business running is our secondary concern and we must consider this a “Force Majeure” situation with unpredictable delays possible throughout our supply chain. So far, we have seen a few reports from suppliers of delays due to sick or isolated staff. Our materials team are working diligently to mitigate the delays to a week or two at worst.

Last year we survived a devastating factory fire and this year we will survive COVID-19 together with you all. On the good news front, the roof was completed on our new factory and work continues, so we hope to invite you to the opening when this is over. Until then, stay safe and we will do our best endeavours for you as the crisis continues.

Dave Mooney

Managing Director

(Our normal telephone and email addresses are all working, but for any urgent unresolved issues Text 07812 155940)

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