Drallim Industries Health and Safety

Top Management Commitment to Health and Safety

Our top management is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees so far as is reasonably practical and to the continual improvement of the company’s health and safety management system and performance.

This commitment extends to ensuring that safety is taken as a prime consideration at all times and to provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities, wherever they take place.

We are committed to ensuring full compliance with any applicable statutory national and international regulations in all aspects of our business inclusive of the design of our products.

We are committed to maintaining a Health and Safety Management System, to the latest edition of ISO 45001:2015.

Auditing of the Management System

Our in-house auditors review our legal compliances on an annual basis and review the process structure with an aim to continuously improve and enhance the effectiveness of the company’s environmental management system.

We are independently audited in accordance with our ISO 45001:2015 accreditation by UKAS approved Certifying Bodies.

Education of Employees

Drallim Industries Limited ensures that all employees are provided information, instruction and proper supervision to ensure a high level of competency to perform their tasks and to give them adequate training to promote safe working at all times. At the outset of their employment we communicate our company policy to all and continue to consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety.

Encouraging Health and Safety Awareness

Drallim Industries Limited understands that we all have a personal responsibility for working in a healthy and safe manner and we ensure that our employees understand their legal obligation to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and for the safety of others who may be affected by their actions.

As a company we appoint competent people to assist the Company in meeting statutory duties including, where appropriate, specialists from outside the organisation
Drallim Industries Limited also encourages an open reporting culture of safety events or potential hazards to the responsible person so the organisation can investigate, record and rectify the situation if necessary.

Effective Monitoring of Our Health and Safety Performance

As a company we monitor our health and safety performance against objectives and or targets; this monitoring is reported at regular intervals throughout the year to our health and safety review board where we undertake to maintain a healthy and safe working environment to prevent injury and cases of work-related ill health and minimise the possibility of accidents while undertaking our business activities in a safe and professional manner.

Responsible Prevention of Injury and Cases of Work-Related Ill Health

Drallim Industries Limited are dedicated to the prevention of injury and work-related ill health by carrying out risk assessments by department, process and specific machinery.

We provide and maintain safe plant and equipment through regular maintenance scheme and insurance review. Through our training and education we ensure safe manual handling techniques are employed where needed and that use of hazardous substances are controlled and, through our design processes minimised to reduce and ultimately to prevent accidents.