Drallim have recently completed a project for National Grid

As part of National Grid’s RIIO program, Drallim have recently completed a project to replace all DART single use batteries at 19 nationwide sites with newly designed rechargeable units.

The benefits of this are :-


  • Reduced cost over time – Based on  typical lifetime of a non-rechargeable battery pack the additional cost of the rechargeable battery pack can be recouped in 3-4 years
  • Convenience – Spare batteries can be recharged in advance and changed on site at times convenient to the local Engineer, without the lead time of ordering and manufacturing a new battery pack and therefore minimising downtime of the system.
  • Commercial – Eliminates the need for multiple order processing for replacement batteries during the lifetime of the asset.
  • Environmental – No further need to dispose of non-rechargeable batteries as all rechargeable batteries have a lifetime in excess of 2000 charge cycles.

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