Drallim Have Moved Back to Millwood House

Drallim Have Moved Back to Millwood House

On the 19th October 2020, Drallim Industries Limited completed our move back to Millwood House after a devastating fire in February 2019.

Construction of the new building. Music: Once Again from Bensound.com

February 2019

Having lost everything inside the building, the company set about temporarily relocating our business units in the local area where available and maintaining as much day-to-day operations as was possible whilst a more permanent solution was found.

April 2019

By the 1st April 2019 we had refurbed and prepared some rented industrial-zoned accommodation, enabling us to resume the manufacturing that had been placed on hold, and were ready to move in.

Work started at the Millwood House location to clear the site, removing everything right down to the concrete base, and plans for a new building were being made. A team of local builders and contractors were appointed and work began to prepare the site, Sunninghill Construction won the contract to rebuild Millwood House. We thoroughly recommend them for their tireless attention to detail and quality, led by Site Manager James Ridger.

February 2020

As the weather improved into the new year, work began on building our new factory. Groundworks were completed, foundations were prepared, steel framework went up and progress was rapid. Little did we know what was going to happen…

May 2020

As the fallout from COVID-19 continued and lockdown closed many smaller sites, suddenly we found ourselves one of the few open building sites in the county and progress began to pick up pace again.

October 2020

After some COVID-19 delays the building was ready and we were able to move all equipment and office furniture during the week of the 12 October, with the building ready for staff and manufacturing on the 19th October.

Now and onwards

During this time we have received a lot of help and generosity from local businesses and suppliers and would like to thank:

Dave French – French’s Skips – for all their help taking in deliveries and storing it for us.

Adam Hart – The Fire Shop – who kindly loaned us office space.

Vince & Nathan Hoad – CPS Partnership Ltd – who loaned us their board room for office space.

St Nicholas Fellowship – who loaned us two offices in The Robsack Centre.

In the words of Dave Mooney our managing director: “Whilst the Drury Lane fire has been a devastating blow to Drallim, our recovery has been a quite remarkable experience! It has often been frustrating, exhausting and almost overwhelming – but I think many of us have enjoyed the challenge, and most of all the great spirit of camaraderie within the company.

“Our Customers are the other great heroes as they tolerated our long delays and stuck with us until we have been able to get back into production for all of our products. We even found the time and energy to win new business from the likes of Hong Kong Electric and were awarded a 10-year MoD contract, showing immense confidence in us all.

“We rapidly set about transforming Maunsell Road with our own hands, turning it into a fully functioning facility over the 18 months we were there, and we have just moved it all – lock, stock and barrel; back to Drury Lane. With all new equipment – test rigs, 3D printers; you name it we had to buy it again even down to hole punches and pens, and it is great to be home.”

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