Dehydrator Remote Monitor Unit Portable Handheld Display

Diagnostic Tool for Cable & Antenna Dehydrator Maintenance Engineers


Drallim Telecommunications have been supplying dehydrators and condition monitoring systems to the telecommunication and broadcast industry for over 40 years.

Today’s lifestyle demands good communications and Drallim’s dehydrators along with its condition monitoring equipment are working in the background, helping to optimise network performance around the world.

The dehydrator is an essential element in any antenna or pressurised copper cable network system. Its purpose is to provide positive pressure dry air to the antenna transmission mast or underground telecommunication cables ensuring no ingress of water or moisture effecting the quality of the signal.

The award winning Dehydrator Remote Monitor (DRM) unit consists of a combined pressure, temperature, humidity, dewpoint and flow transducer unit which is installed between the dehydrator unit and the dry air supply line to either the antenna or cable system. The alarm outputs from the dehydrator unit can also be connected to the DRM unit for remote monitoring of the unit’s alarm conditions.

To complement the DRM MKII unit Drallim offer an optional portable handheld display. An ideal diagnostic tool for maintenance engineers who can locally connect to the DRM unit giving them total vision of the dehydrators operating performance.

This not only gives the engineer an insight into the current operating parameters of the dehydrator but also as a preventative maintenance tool highlighting issues before they become major failures and avoiding the consequences of unexpected breakdowns.


The available information also gives maintenance engineers who have carried out scheduled servicing the ability to see the before and after operating statistics ensuring the dehydrator is running at optimum performance before leaving the site.


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