Contract Design & Assembly / Manufacture

Our highly skilled staff specialise in solving the sort of engineering and manufacturing conundrums you’d rather do without. Our organisation is geared to producing one-off’s; We take pride in overseeing the entire process, from design, prototyping and manufacture to delivery, installation, full product certification and after-sales service.

Leading Innovators

With experience in providing comprehensive turnkey assembly test solutions covering electronic, electromechanical, engineering and mechanical products we offer our customers a total contract manufacturing service. We are a leading innovator in design and manufacturing solutions, providing engineering skills, manufactured equipment & custom-built systems for the Aerospace, Industrial and Utility Markets.

Product Realisation

Prototyping and New Product Introductions From the initial enquiry our Business Development Team analyses the specifications and requirements of a product or project and issues a comprehensive and detailed quotation. When an order is received, a project plan is then developed; our team uses detailed documentation, engineering change and reporting control to ensure continued information integrity. An experienced project manager acts as the interface between Drallim and our customers although, at the same time, we actively encourage engineer-to-engineer communication. We have had customers engineers based at our headquarters signing off drawings as they are produced to meet urgent deadlines for manufacture. The designated project manager ensures that resources are allocated appropriately and that all tasks are tracked and recorded. The result is a controlled transition into the manufacturing process.

  • Improved manufacturing productivity
  • Enhanced product quality and reliability
  • Minimal/simplified maintenance
  • Lower Cost
  • Reduced time to market
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Manufacturing
  • Precision assembly

Design Support

When it comes to product manufacturing, a substantial proportion of the end product’s total cost is determined at the design stage. As a result, this part of the manufacturing process presents the perfect opportunity to identify improvements that will lead to cost reductions. A thorough understanding of each element will enable the product to be designed and optimised for procurement, manufacturing and test. We provide an extensive Design for Manufacture service to help our customers achieve substantial improvements.

Electrical assembly

Many of the assemblies produced require wire and cable interconnection between boards and sub-assemblies. This can be via cable forms or point to point wiring. As part of our electro-mechanical assembly service we are often called on to produce products that require critical cable routing. We also undertake electrical wiring of switch and instrument panels plus sophisticated control cabinets. We have highly trained engineering and assembly teams to assist with design and the assembly and support for all your cable and loom requirements.

  • Electro-mechanical Assembly
  • Pneumatic Hydraulic Assembly
  • Racks Cabinets
  • Box-Build Assembly
  • PCB Assembly
  • Prototype Wiring
  • Cable Assembly
  • Testing


So, if you are interested in British Manufacturing and looking for a Contract Manufacturer then maybe Drallim Industries could assist you

We specialise in:

  • Design and Manufacture services
  • Assembly and Testing Services
  • Cable Harness and Wiring Looms
  • Box and panel building
  • Electronic/ Electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Enclosures for all environmental conditions
  • Hydraulic, Electrical and Pneumatic assemblies
  • Mechatronic systems
  • Re-engineering projects
  • Design for economical manufacture
  • Prototype Wiring
  • Field and factory, service and repair
  • Conventional PCB Assemblies
  • Control Rods

Contract Design

  • ManufactureConcept development
  • Prototype Build
  • Pre production engineering
  • Design for Manufacture & assembly

Contract Manufacture

  • Assembly Services
  • Cabinet Wiring
  • Cable and Wire-Assemblies, Electrical,
    Electronic, Military
  • Cable Harnesses and wiring looms
  • Chassis assembly & wiring
  • Conventional PCB Population
  • Control Panels
  • Electrical Panel wiring
  • Electromechanical Assembly Services
  • Electronic documentation systems
  • Electronic Box Build
  • Electronic procurement & supply chain management
  • Factory based product repair & refurbishment service
  • Field based installation & repair
  • High volume production partners overseas
  • Material procurement
  • Mechanical control cables and rods
  • Painting
  • Packaging to any standards
  • Pneumatic panel specialists
  • Prototyping Sheet metal work
  • Welding

Drallim is committed to continuous quality improvement in all that it does,and carries high levels of accreditation.

BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008
AS9100 : The quality standard for the Aerospace sector
BS EN ISO 14001: Environmental Management System