The DV Power range of medium and high voltage circuit breaker testers are durable field-portable instruments that come complete with intuitive analytical software and a standard 3 year warranty.

These easy to use CB test instruments are designed to meet all applicable manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance testing standards for the following applications:

  • Contact resistance
  • DRM (dynamic resistance measurement)
  • Coil resistance and coil current (IEC 62271-100)
  • Mechanism charging time (IEC 62271-100)
  • Minimum trip voltage (IEC 56, ANSI C37.09)
  • Undervoltage release (IEC 60694)
  • Timing of circuit breaker main, auxiliary and pre-insertion contacts
  • Synchronisation between the contacts
  • Motion and velocity
  • “First trip” test

During circuit breaker testing it is important to be able to compare test results with those acquired during previous tests. This trend analysis is made possible by using the DV Power software, DV-Win, and its graphical and numerical analysis techniques, which include graph overlay features. All measured values are stored and compared with the specification limits dictated by manufacturers. Once all testing has been completed it is possible to automatically generate a customised report.

DV Power are renowned for using cutting-edge-technology to produce light, powerful, and highly accurate battery, circuit breaker and transformer test equipment. DV Power provides a 3-year warranty on all test instrumentation. This is a guarantee to our customers that they will receive the highest quality test equipment on the market.