The DV Power range of medium and high voltage circuit breaker testers are durable field-portable instruments that come complete with intuitive analytical software and a standard 3-year warranty. These user-friendly instruments are designed to meet all applicable manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance testing standards for measuring contact resistance, dynamic resistance (DRM), coil resistance and current, mechanism charging time, minimum trip voltage, undervoltage release, contact timing (main/auxiliary/pre-insertion), contact synchronisation, motion & velocity and ‘first trip test’. Trend analysis is made possible by using the DV Power software, DV-Win, and its graphical and numerical analysis techniques, which include graph overlay features. All measured values are stored and can be compared with specification limits dictated by manufacturers. Once all testing is complete customised reports can be automatically generated.

The RMO-A series of lightweight ducters (micro ohmmeters) are very powerful with maximum test currents up to 600A. These cost-effective ducters include single, continuous and dead tank resistance test modes to meet the demands of varied field applications. The RMO-G series are available with test currents up to 800A and have the added benefit of a rugged polycarbonate case, a ‘both sides grounded’ feature and remote-control options. The most advanced ducters are found in the RMO-D series which have all these benefits plus a high precision module that offers 0.01 µΩ resolution over a measurement range of 1 µΩ to 10 µΩ. Designed specifically for testing equipment protective bonding (grounding) the RMO-E series can cancel electrostatic and electromagnetic interference in HV electric fields. The RMO-H ducter series is available for applications that require high portability. These instruments weigh 0.95 kg and can deliver a test current up to 300A.

The DV Power CAT series of rugged circuit breaker analysers and timers have been manufactured for safe and fast testing in high voltage substations and industrial environments. Like all DV Power instrumentation this circuit breaker tester range has intuitive operation making them simple and easy to operate. The CAT I series are primarily for timing and motion measurement of HV and MV circuit breakers. The CAT II series have additional and unique technical capabilities for comprehensive circuit breaker testing. The handheld CAT-P circuit breaker tester weighs only 1.4 kg and comes with a 5.7” colour touchscreen for graphical representation of test results.

The POB series of AC/DC power supplies are ideal for operating breaker coils and spring charging motors when a site battery is disconnected or not available. The SAT series of circuit breaker coil analysers also act as a power source when site power is unavailable. These instruments can also provide coil resistance measurements. The additional capability of delivering an AC motor supply output makes the CAT – SAT combination a complete CB diagnostic tool that enables reduced test times. Both the POB and SAT ranges are compatible with breaker analysers manufactured by various companies.

DV Power are renowned for using cutting-edge-technology to produce light, powerful, and highly accurate battery, circuit breaker and transformer test equipment. DV Power provides a 3-year warranty on all test instrumentation. This is a guarantee to our customers that they will receive the highest quality test equipment on the market.